As Nettie Jo Repult from The Days and Nights of BeeBee Fenstermaker and Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing, Kerry Cheng can be a warm-hearted best friend who knows when she needs to yell or a sarcastic wisecrack who hides some tenderness. She graduated from Bill Alderson's Meisner class and is studying Improv at Second City Hollywood.


Starting with church musicals, Kerry joined theater ensembles in middle school and high school and then expanded into film and television during college. Her most notable role is Sarah, the mean girl who grows up, from the soap opera General College.


In addition to acting, Kerry works in dentistry and endures endless Little Shop of Horrors and Marathon Man references. She can make wax sculptures of teeth, sketches comics about her life or whatever she finds funny, and writes short stories about super-humans and heartbreaking relationships.

As she continues to train and audition, Kerry looks forward to a recurring role in a sitcom or a drama with pitch black comedy.